eCommerce at Xerox

Xerox is focused on making the customer experience simpler, faster and more reliable. And, while we’re in the business of producing paper, we know that eliminating paper and digitizing work processes make for a better customer experience. To that end, Xerox has taken some paper out of the process. Online resources include easy order processing for Xerox products and supplies, and specialized portals that allow corporate customers to place orders anytime, anywhere, and under predetermined global contracts. Click here for more information.

Product Safety and Access

Safety has always been a cornerstone of our work in product development. Technological features inside Xerox digital systems ensure our products operate safely and efficiently. Just as important are the design standards – the look and feel of the product. They help ensure that our customers can operate our systems easily and comfortably.

Just as we provide ergonomic office furniture for our employees, we also only design products that are ergonomically sound. Our design teams consider a product’s height, curves, placement of touch-screens and paper trays, and all points of human interface. Customers work directly with the designers in our labs to test and help adapt the usability features of new products.

Xerox has set the standard in the industry for safety. To assure our customers that products and supplies from Xerox are safe to use, we have invested in health studies for the past 25 years to examine the potential for long-term health effects from exposure to toner.

Xerox’s health studies are based on assessing the health of workers in manufacturing and equipment servicing roles who work with toner every day. By evaluating the long-term health of these workers, we can conservatively draw conclusions regarding the risks of potential exposures in very low toner exposure settings such as an office environment. Our decades of studies give no indication that there are chronic health consequences due to toner exposure in either our workplace setting or in customer settings.

To encourage customers to review product safety information and understand the environmental profile of Xerox devices, we provide them access to comprehensive safety data about our products and the materials contained within Xerox systems.

Our Product Safety Data Sheets provide environment, health and safety information for specific Xerox devices. We also produce Material Safety Data Sheets, which identify hazards associated with a specific material and describe how materials can be safely handled, used and stored. Customers can gain access to these reports at, where they can search by product name or number.