Our third annual Xerox Report on Global Citizenship addresses our principles, policies and practices in areas viewed under the broad definition of corporate social responsibility, including governance and ethics, customer privacy and satisfaction, employee diversity and development, environmental initiatives, corporate donations and volunteerism, and much more. This report includes global reporting metrics when available; some of our systems for collecting and reporting reliable social and environmental performance data do not always encompass all our operations. Unless otherwise indicated, the performance data reflects full-year 2007 results. The information in this report reflects the business activities of Xerox Corporation in the 160 countries where we operate. Fuji Xerox publishes its own citizenship report, which is available at www.fujixerox.co.jp/eng/sr.

Xerox relied on the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Guidelines (G3) to determine the content and performance metrics for key sections of this report. We self-declare this report to the GRI Application Level B. A table linking the content of this report to the GRI indicators can be found at www.xerox.com/citizenship. Information about GRI is available at www.globalreporting.org.

As part of our ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, we welcome your feedback. For additional information, questions or comments on this report, please e-mail us at citizenship@xerox.com.