Reducing the Risk of Climate Change

Reductions in Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Xerox believes that industry must do its part to reduce increased concentrations of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. The consensus in the scientific community is that these concentrations – largely the result of the accelerated burning of fossil fuels to meet growing energy demand – increase the risk of global climate change. Xerox contributes to reduced energy demand through its energy-efficient product designs and strategies for the end-of-life of equipment. We also have a long history of energy conservation within our major facilities and have implemented an internal program called Energy Challenge 2012 to support our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our company-wide operations.

Design for Product Energy Efficiency
Xerox’s approach to reducing product energy consumption is comprehensive. First, in the design phase, product teams evaluate the system as a whole, not just by its components, to maximize energy efficiency. Second, while products are being used, features such as automatic power-saver modes lower the energy consumed. Finally, remanufacture and reuse programs require less energy than building new parts from raw materials. Together, these initiatives dramatically reduce energy needs, generate cost savings for Xerox as well as for our customers, and produce notable environmental benefits.

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