Druckvorlagen für Xerox Papier und Spezialmedien

DigiBoard Products
Part NumberDescriptionTemplate
003R96907DigiBoard CD Wallet - Trim and tape
003R96908DigiBoard A4 Folder - Trim and tape
003R96909DigiBoard Tent Card low - Trim and tape
003R96910DigiBoard A5 Folder - Trim and tape
003R96911DigiBoard Pillow Pack - Trim and tape
003R96912DigiBoard Mug Box - Trim and tape
003R96913DigiBoard Wine Sleeve - Trim and tape
003R96914DigiBoard Business Card Box - Trim and tape
003R96915DigiBoard Tent Card tall - Trim and tape
003R96916DigiBoard A4 Show Card - Trim and tape
003R96919DigiBoard Tent Card low - Perf and tab
003R96922DigiBoard Mug Box - Perf and Tab
003R96923DigiBoard Wine Sleeve - Perf and tab
003R96925DigiBoard Tent Card tall - Perf and tab
003R96924DigiBoard CD Wrap - Perf and tab
003R96926DigiBoard Door Hanger - Perf and tab
003R96818DigiBoard Golf Ball Box - Perf and tab
003R96819DigiBoard Desk Tidy- Perf and tab
003R96820DigiBoard Gift Box Lid - Perf and tab
003R96821DigiBoard Gift Box Base - Perf and tab
003R93331DigiBoard Photo Canvas - Perf and tab
DigiBoard Indesign and Quark Graphics
DigiBoard Range Overview
Wine Sleeve - Ribbon
Digiboard - Band Graphics Overview
Digiboard - Band Graphics Indesign
Digiboard - Band Graphics Quark
Digiboard - Circle Graphics Overview
Digiboard - Circle Graphics Indesign
Digiboard - Circle Graphics Quark
Digiboard - Swoosh Graphics Overview
Digiboard - Swoosh Graphics Indesign
Digiboard - Swoosh Graphics Quark
Create Range
Part NumberDescriptionTemplate
Xerox Create Range Overview
003R98876Boutique Bag Extra Small
003R98796Boutique Bag Small
003R98797Boutique Bag Large
003R98798Mouse Mat
003R98799A4 Folder
003R98871Magazine File
003R9887240mm Box File
003R9887320mm Box File
003R98874A4 Flex Binder 4 X11MM D
003R98875A4 Flex Binder 4X25MM D
003R98877Square Coaster
003R98879A4 Letter File
003R98880A4 Display Unit
003R98881A4 Leaflet Dispenser
003R98882A4 Rigid Binder full wrap
003R98883A3 Desk Mat
003R98884A4 Flex Binder 2D 40MM
003R98885A5 Flex Binder 2D 35MM
003R98886A4 Rigid Binder A4 pocket
003R98887A4 Ultra Strong Binder
003R98888A4 Coil Wiro Cover
003R93542A4 Flat Document Folder
003R93575Name Plate Display
003R95563Bottle Gift Bag
Part NumberItems per sheetProduct nameModeItems dimension (mm)Template
003R972461 cardDocuCard 1 up BlankP86 x 54 (card)
003R975711 cardDocuCard 1 up BlankP86 x 54 (card)
003R974762 upCD labelsP117 X 41
003R975142 upCD labelsP117 X 41
003R975152 upCombi Box (CD labels with inserts)P
003R975152 upCD LabelsP117 X 41
003R97515Box face and backCD Case InsetP150 x 118,5
003R975162 upGlossy CD labelsP117 X 17
003R975252 upLabels 2 upP199,6 X 143,5
003R974012 upLabels 2 upP210 X 148,5
003R958134 upLabels 4 upP139,0 X 99,1
003R974804 upLabels 4 upP139,0 X 99,1
003R974024 upLabels 4 upP149 X 105
003R938736 upLabels 6 upP99,1 X 93,1
003R962886 upLabels 6 upP99 x 93
003R974818 upLabels 8 upP99,1 x 67,7
003R938748 upLabels 8 upP99,1 x 67,7
003R912248 upLabels 8 upP99,1 x 67,7
003R974048 upLabels 8 upP105 x 71
003R962838 upLabels 8 upP103 X 72
003R9751210 upLaser Business cardsP85 X 54
003R9745210 upLabels 10 upP105 X 58
003R9748212 upLabels 12 upP63,5 X 72
003R9740512 upLabels 12 upP105 X 44
003R9387514 upLabels 14 upP99,1 X 38,1
003R9628914 upLabels 14 upP99,1 X 38,1
003R9745514 upLabels 14 upP105 X 42,3
003R9725915 upLabels 15 upP59, 0 X 50
003R9726015 upLabels 15 upP70 X 50,8
003R9748316 upLabels 16 upP99,1 X 34
003R9629616 upLabels 16 upP99,1 X 34,0
003R9740716 upLabels 16 upP105 X 37
003R9741416 upLabels 16 upP105 X 36
003R9625516 upLabels 16 upP105 x 37
003R9628116 upLabels 16 upP103 X 36
003R9617716 upLabels 16 upP103 X 36
003R9629718 upLabels 18 upP63,5 X 46,6
003R9581521 upLabels 21 upP63,5 X 38,1
003R9629821 upLabels 21 upP63,5 X 38,1
003R9752424 upLabels 24 upP64,0 X 34,0
003R9752624 upLabels 24 upP64,0 X 34,0
003R9741524 upLabels 24 upP70 X 36
003R9740824 upLabels 24 upP70 X 37
003R9625724 upLabels 24 upP70 X 37
003R9628224 upLabels 24 upP67,7 X 36
003R9617824 upLabels 24 upP67,7 X 36
003R9740930 upLabels 30 upP70 X 29,6
003R9764333 upLabels 33 upP70 X 25,4
003R9741136 upLables 36 upP70 x 24
003R9317765 upLabels 65 upP38,1 X 21,2
Tab Dividers
Order Number# BanksCollationTemplate
FunFlip Instructions
View1 Template
View2 Template
View3 Template
View4 Template
FunFlip MacV
PhotoPix Multi - Size Indesign Template
AccordionPix - Illustrator Template
AccordionPix - Indesign Template
Premium NeverTear
Luggage Tags
Door Hangers