There are so many places to succeed here – it’s hard to pick just one career. We’ll give you the chance to move around, build your skills and make your experience as a Xerox employee your own. We hire talented individuals in a wide range of job functions:

Business Services
Knowledge-based services that improve processes and drive down costs.
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Business Support
From Human Resources and Legal Counsel to Leasing, Procurement, Health Services and more.
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Customer Care
From call centre reps to specialists working alongside clients, we provide a wide range of services for our customers.
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Document Management
Managed print services, communications and marketing services, and document and data management.
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Engineering and Innovation
Developing new technologies, products and solutions that improve business results.
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Our financial decisions ensure Xerox is a healthy, solid company that values its customers, employees and investors.
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Information Technology
With a focus on communication, our IT professionals keep our global organisation up and running.
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IT Services
Information technology consulting, application services and management, infrastructure, cloud computing and other technology solutions.
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The guardians, keepers and communicators of our brand and our offerings.
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Among the most respected and best trained salespeople in the industry.
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