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Xerox Research Commits Random Act of Cleanliness

Exploring new methods of “smart city” management, researchers created a mobile app called CityZen

Source: Xerox
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Bright lights, big cities, bigger data Four big data projects that are changing U.S. cities for the better.
The future lies in the bright twinkling lights of the cities. According to U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2013, 269.9 million people are living in cities, a 2.3 million increase from 2012.
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Source: Fortune
Computer Vision and the Future of Mobile Devices New Xerox printing tools aim to automate paper-laden workflows”
Document services and printing specialist Xerox announced the launch of three tools designed to help businesses move their document needs into the future while also reducing their environmental footprint.
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Source: eWeek
100 Global Innovators Named by Thomson Reuters 100 Global Innovators Named by Thomson Reuters
Xerox is among the world’s top companies for turning creative ideas into protected, commercialized inventions, according to mass media and information firm Thomson Reuters
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Source: Thomson Reuters
Xerox’s new AI customer care agent learns just like a human Xerox’s new AI customer care agent learns just like a human
Xerox has developed an intelligent, virtual customer care agent that is capable of understanding and solving customer queries in the same way a human agent would.
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