Innovation Showroom

We showcase technologies from Xerox’s worldwide research laboratories in an informal, "hands-on" environment. We interact with customers to evaluate interest in new research ideas and to gather insight for further research.

Together with our customers, we design the innovation path for tomorrow’s world. The Innovation Showroom at Xerox Research Centre India (XRCI) strives to be the bridge between research and industry. We meet Xerox’s business objectives by providing a platform for demonstrating emerging technologies in practical business applications to interested customers.

We believe technology is for everyone and should be communicated in a way that everyone understands. The Innovation Showroom has a three-fold mission:
  1. To actively support customer-led innovation
  2. To showcase Xerox research activities to customers and staff customized in the best possible way
  3. To monitor reactions and feedback to new ideas which would pave the way for future research
Road to the future
Xerox’s thirst for technology is far from quenched. Some of the key research breakthroughs in the past few decades, which have been instrumental in the technological infrastructure, are the result of consistent, world-renown research in the different centres of Xerox. Noteworthy are computing innovations such as graphical user interfaces (GUIs), the computer mouse and local area networking (LAN). The Technology Showroom provides the first opportunity to customers to see those ideas that will change the face of technology in the 21st century and beyond.

Close contact with emerging markets
The Innovation Showroom and XRCI are based in Bangalore -- the heart of technology in India. We aim to harness this proximity to better understand the needs of emerging markets as well as partner with stakeholders. With our deep understanding of ethnography, and in partnership with other research centres, we aim to innovate for emerging markets and showcase related technologies.

Technologies at the Innovation Showroom
The XRCI Innovation Showroom is able to demonstrate most Xerox Innovation Group technologies through presentations, demonstrations or even interactive experiences.

Learn more about what takes place in our Innovation Showroom below.

If you are interested in any of the following technologies and would like us to demonstrate it for you, please contact us at:

Smarter Document Technologies

Automating document recognition for paper-intensive workflows

Smarter Document Technologies (SDTs) provide the ability to add intelligence and structure to digital and paper documents -- to activate their content and streamline business processes while integrating with your structured data systems.

An example of SDT is CategoriX, which automatically classifies incoming scanned or digital correspondence in a “Digital Mailroom,” enabling routing to the appropriate business process’s department. A very labor-intensive process becomes fully automated, bringing tremendous productivity improvements and cost reduction, as well as significant improvements in quality.

LiveKey Business Process Connector

Starting a Business Process Outsourcing workflow from a single action at the MFP

The Xerox LiveKey Business Process Connector on a multifunction printer (MFP) is a powerful solution that captures critical data and documents and transports them over a secure internet connection directly to Xerox Business Processing Centers. It transforms manual, paper-based document preparation into an automated, fully electronic process.

Cloud Printing

An innovative mobile print solution

The Xerox Mobile Print Solution allows employees to print from a mobile device without downloading software, mapping to a printer or booting up their laptops. This solution allows users to print from any smartphone, send documents such as emails and presentations to a server (enterprise or on the cloud) then retrieve the printouts by walking up to any printer and entering a code to release the print. This new solution can be part of Xerox’s Enterprise Print Services tool suite, managed by the Xerox team for a customer.

Next Generation Helpdesk

Virtual customer care with real-time multimedia support

The virtual help desk pinpoints ways to ease customer frustration, shorten customer care calls and free up workers to focus on their real business. By pressing the “Help” button on the screen of a networked multifunction system, customers can initiate a call to the support desk with VoIP.

As the agent accepts the incoming call, the system uploads a 3D model of the printer while gathering and displaying data on the status of the machine.

The system simultaneously uploads the same 3D model on the screen at the customer site so the customer can view the image while talking to the help desk agent – leading to a real-time multimedia conversation.

Read more:
The Virtual Helpdesk is the winner of the Software category of the Wall Street Journal 2011 Technology Innovation Awards

Watch the video:
Xerox Virtual Help Desk demo - Next Generation Remote Services

Specialty Imaging

Protect sensitive data and add value to your printed documents

Protecting sensitive documents from unauthorized duplication is a growing concern. Counterfeit copies of documents like coupons, tickets, and invoices can have serious financial impacts. Combat this concern with exclusive, fraud-resistant, specialty imaging effects for static and variable jobs which add an extra level of security and authentication. They can be used as well to enhance document by strage effects like posters or children’s books. These specialty imaging text effects can only be printed with a FreeFlow suite on Xerox production printers.

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About Specialty Imaging

Personal Assessment Tool

Encouraging greener behaviours within corporations

The goal of the personal assessment tool is to reduce the impact of printing on the environment. It provides awareness and advice on “green” behaviours for individuals, communities and corporations. It uses a virtual currency to measure all printing behaviours at different levels of a corporation. The proposed solution reflects the environmental cost of printing, attributes print quotas to employees every month and shows the commitment of the corporation to sustainability.

Similar Image Search

Better than a keyword when looking for an image

For many applications, you need to search for similar images based on an image query -- rather than a keyword search on the web which returns images from related web pages that contain those keywords. Our technology focused on situations where there is a need to search large collections of high quality photos, digital assets, graphic design elements, scanned documents or other media. Not everyone has access to a cloud, so the technology was developed around efficient compressed signatures that work with all types of diverse media. The result is highly efficient, accurate retrieval that can search several million images on a single core in less than a second.

Demonstrations are available on OpenXerox

Image Categorizer

Let the algorithm tell you what the image is

Classifying images or documents to assist workflow processes or manage media assets is a key technology. We research large-scale technologies that can deal with large amounts of media, and a high number of either generic or specific classes. On the other hand, instead of categorizing and grouping related content, image retrieval research focuses on retrieving specific content, based on image, text or combined queries. We have applied such technology to digital asset management and graphic design. It also is part of our Smarter Document Management Technology platform.

Demonstrations are available on OpenXerox


An efficient, cross-media communication tool

XMPie provides powerful, variable data publishing software. It unites customer databases and creative content to help print service providers, marketing service firms, small-to-medium businesses and enterprises. By leveraging customer data, these organizations can create personalized, multiphase campaigns that use today's communication vehicles including print, web, e-mail, and mobile. XMPie is the only company offering such an extensive, integrated product line to the dynamic publishing community. All XMPie products share underlying technologies, allowing a seamless collaboration and migration path as your needs grow.

Read more:
XMPie website

Natural Language Color Editing

Adjust colors in a document as easily as describing a color

We are committed to making great color accessible to everyone. Our research team developed an innovative technology for editing color called Natural Language Color, or “Color by Words.” You can now use common color words and phrases to change and improve images. Simple instructions like "Make the sky blues a lot more vivid" are translated by the software into complex color adjustments. Realtors can improve the colors in their sales flyers. Small business owners can enhance products and imagery in their collaterals. Great color is now in everyone's hands.

Read more:
Natural Language Color Demo on OpenXerox

Xerox Scientists Create Computer Language to Describe Color

Solid Ink

Combining greater ease-of-use and less waste

Solid Ink is a proven color printing technology only offered by Xerox. A Solid Ink printer or multifunction printer uses solid sticks (or blocks) of no-mess, non-toxic ink instead of toner or inkjet cartridges. Solid Ink is easy to use, produces incredible color print quality, is cost-effective, and is a more responsible choice for the environment.
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