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XMPie uDirect®:
  • Bring relevancy to your marketing by leveraging variable data to tailor messages for each recipient
  • Expand your reach with one to one marketing campaigns that span print, email, Web, and mobile
  • Use variable data in images, graphics, and messages to grab and hold your target's attention
  • Create campaigns with built-in response tracking tools and adjust messaging, offers, and more, on-the-fly
  • Build a Web store-front that allows you to offer personalized documents and e-mail campaigns
  • Build a modular and scalable one to one software solution with XMPie products to fit your precise needs
  • Maximize your solution with resources like templates from the XMPie Marketplace and user forums in the XMPie Users Group
Desktop Solutions
  • uDirect® Classic leverages simple data sources and InDesign® elements to create personalized documents in an easy-to-use VDP solution
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  • uDirect® Studio is a powerful all-in-one VDP solution that includes image and graphic personalization with dynamic charting, while using simple data sources such as Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets
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  • uDirect® Premier provides the same functionality as uDirect Studio but allows for more advanced data sources and programming

Server-based Solutions
  • PersonalEffect™ allows you to create, produce, deploy, track, and measure one to one communications across all media channels, including print, Web, e-mail and mobile. Choose Solo edition for single-server implementation, or Cluster edition for large-scale enterprise clients.

Optional Modules
  • uImage®, in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop® or Illustrator®, creates impressive personalized images by merging text and graphics, in print or online
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  • With uChart™, graphically communicate your messages with personalized charts
  • Enter the world of online commerce with uStore® - set up branded e-commerce-enabled online stores without involving programmers
  • High-value one to one marketing campaigns, spanning print, Web, e-mail, mobile and other new media
  • Online stores
  • Campaign tracking and reporting

XMPie®, A Xerox Company
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