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Apply Bates® stamping to electronic or hard copy documents

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IPRO Copy+ is Bates Stamp Software for Electronic or Paper Documents
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iPro Tech Inc™ Copy+ legal document solution is ideal for mid-size to enterprise entities dealing with:
  • Regulatory compliance to avoid penalties
  • Adding Bates® numbers to documents and performing easy Bates® renumbering during discovery for time and cost savings
  • Job Costing Reports and Manifest Reports to better manage work and operators resulting productivity
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Key Features

  • Able to customize static and dynamic labels
  • Creates OCR for indexing or searching documents
  • Imports TIFF, PDF and JPEG files
  • Creates customized Bates® number formats
  • Provides easy Bates® renumbering
  • Rotates and reorders pages prior to printing
  • Reprints documents and collections from CD or DBD
  • Creates Manifest Reports (index of collection)
  • Creates Job Cost Reports (statistics on job processing)
  • IPublisher viewer (included free with each Tiff File export) provides the ability to view document collections via a graphical interface
  • Performs redactions and annotations
Legal, organizations are challenged by redundancy and the cost in discovery phase of litigation.

Key Challenges

  • Redundancy and the cost in discovery phase of litigation
  • Compliance with regulatory agencies
The IPRO Copy+ solution allows an operator to manage the copy process via a touch screen and a streamlined user interface. With IPRO Copy+, an operator can rapidly copy, image, Bates™ number, OCR and print legal documents. The solution is simple, intuitive, and mimics the copy process.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Leverages Xerox expertise in litigation services
  • Can assess customer environment for Xerox printers and MFPs printing


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