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IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution

A new chapter in finishing convenience and flexibility

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Now you can produce more jobs with less cost and faster turnarounds. With the Xerox IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution, all job preparation and finishing setup is automatic.

For booklet production, this breakthrough solution combines the efficiency of in-line finishing with the flexibility of off-line finishing in a single solution. Eliminate finishing bottlenecks with in-line / off-line / dual-mode automation. This is the first truly start-to-finish workflow solution of its kind – a suite of fully integrated hardware and software components that automate all of the critical aspects of your production and finishing processes so you can flexibly produce more booklet jobs.

For perfect bound books, binding is as simple and error-free as scanning a barcode. JDF-enabled perfect binders and trimmers enable streamlined and automated setup for optimized short run book production.

Ideal for commercial printers and in-plants that are printing short-run books, booklets, and flats of various sizes and finishing them manually, this solution will enable you to drive more jobs through your shop with less cost, fewer errors, and faster turnaround.
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Key Features

  • Increase throughput by up to 30%
  • Automate your workflow start-to-finish with FreeFlow™ Core and automatic finisher setup
  • Reduce costs and errors by eliminating the delays of manual prepress
  • Produce more jobs with full asset utilisation of your in-line and off-line finishing options
  • Combine the convenience of in-line finishing with the flexibility of off-line finishing with Xerox-exclusive Dual-Mode Sheet Feeder
  • Finish variable length booklets, perfect bound books, and flats
  • Match single or multiple covers and book blocks inline with cover driven workflow
  • Manage a diverse mix of finishing requirements automatically
Components for this scalable solution may include:
Conventional finishing can be time-consuming and complex. It requires an operator that fully understands prepress, job layout, and finishing requirements. Valuable resources are often tied up with manual steps to ensure the jobs are completed accurately. Print service providers need to determine whether their finishing asset will provide the most value in-line or off-line.

Key Challenges

  • Production print workflow consumes more time, labor and money than it should.
  • Print providers need to drive new sales and minimize the labor costs associated with diverse short run jobs.
  • Print shops need to adapt quickly to changing run length requirements and expected turnaround times for highly complex jobs.
  • Investment decisions are often "either / or" when it comes to selecting an in-line vs. an off-line finishing device.
The Xerox IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution takes your job from input to finished output with virtually no operator involvement. Only Xerox gives you this unique opportunity to optimise your investment and your operation with end-to-end automation – not just automating prepress, but finishing operations as well.
  • FreeFlow Core handles the entire booklet making process, including file preparation and processing.
  • All finishing information is captured and automatically communicated.
  • Utilise your booklet maker in an in-line, off-line, or dual mode:
    • Print booklet jobs directly to the in-line booklet maker with Automatic In-Line Finishing.
    • Enjoy time savings from automation for off-line booklet production as well.
    • Get the best of both worlds – use your in-line (attached) booklet maker in an off-line mode to automatically finish output from other print engines.
  • Produce perfect bound books, saddle-stitched booklets, greeting cards, postcards, business cards and more with Xerox and prepress and finishing partners
  • Easily and cost-effectively manage a mix of jobs with diverse finishing requirements. It's all about reducing errors while producing even more jobs.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Jobs come in all shapes and sizes. This flexible, modular solution gives you multiple options for creating perfect bound books, saddle stitched booklets and flats.
  • With the exclusive Dual Mode Sheet Feeder and the IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution working together, you get all the benefits of in-line convenience and off-line flexibility.
  • Extend the convenience and cost-effectiveness of automatic finishing to multiple printers — without the need for multiple, dedicated inline devices.
  • Enjoy more productivity, flexibility and savings by reducing downtime and achieving full asset utilisation.
  • The IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution is backed by our team of workflow professionals who provide installation, setup and ongoing service and support.
Automated workflow and third party finishing integration is supported for the following digital presses and production printers*: Additional printers and their stacker carts can supply pages with a bar-coded control sheet for off-line and dual-mode automatic finishing workflow.

* Certain restrictions apply. Please contact your Xerox sales representative for details

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