GMC IntegratedPLUS Solution

Optimised variable-data performance to produce more jobs. Maximum flexibility to reduce your costs.

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  • Maximise the productivity of your Xerox CiPress™ 500 Production Inkjet System with a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for transactional, transpromo and direct mail production
  • Free yourself to focus on your core business with a pre-configured, integrated solution – less programming, less setup time, less labour and less opportunity for error
  • Balance the workload in your shop with the flexibility to move jobs across the floor and enjoy the same high quality output
  • Produce more jobs with optimised data transfer – keep your system running at rated speed and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Streamline your shop with a common FreeFlow™ Print Server – use the same workflow for cut sheet and continuous feed
  • Tightly integrated solution features industry-leading technology from GMC Inspire™ software combined with the Xerox CiPress 500 powered by the Xerox FreeFlow Print Server
  • Colour gamut optimisation gets the most out of your print engine without the need for operator adjustment
  • Two-way data communication between GMC and FreeFlow Print Server for PDF, PostScript and IPDS provides greater visibility to your jobs, less errors, and improved efficiency
  • Special handling of fonts delivers the right information for crisp, sharp text down to the smallest font size
  • Buffers are optimised so information flows fast and free from GMC to FreeFlow Print Server and ultimately output by the CiPress engine at ultra fast speeds
  • Produce variable data applications including transactional (bills, statements, invoices), direct mail (postcards, flyers, newsletters) and transpromotional documents
  • Migrate mono applications to high speed full colour digital
  • Transition from offset shells to full colour and from cut sheet to continuous feed
  • Hunkeler Web Inspection and Tracking Solution
  • LasermaxRoll Systems WebVision Solution
  • Ironsides Automated Production Tracking Solution

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