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CGS Oris Press Matcher Color Management Software for Digital and Offset Presses
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ORIS Press Matcher™ is ideal for enterprises that need accurate color results between digital color and conventional sheet-fed offset. The ORIS Press Matcher™ solution provides industry standard color management across the enterprise. For print buyers, it provides short run color at the same quality as sheet-fed.
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Key Features

  • Ensures compliance with color industry standards, such as FOGRA, Pantone™, and ICC
  • Uses ORIS Color Tuner color management technology to produce standardized, high-quality color across multiple platforms
  • Hotfolders automatically transport and process digital files from any Windows or Mac OS computer
  • Compatible with all major digital file formats for prepress workflows, including PDF/X, composite or separated PDF and PostScript, EPS, DCS (version 1 and 2, single or multi-file), JPEG, TIFF, TIFF/IT-P1,1-Bit TIFF, Scitex Handshake CT/LW, Scitex NLW, NCT and CopyDot.
Color is essential to a successful print marketing campaign. Accurate color reproduction can mean the difference between success and failure. With so many different printing choices, however, consistent color is not always easy.

Key Challenges

  • Compliance with color industry standards such as:
    • FOGRA
    • Pantone™
    • ICC
  • Time and money spent on proofing for accurate color rendition
  • Operator errors
ORIS Press Matcher's accurate and dependable color management software provides new business opportunities and business retention with customers whose print demands require multiple devices or locations – without loss of quality.
  • Increase processing speeds with faster compliance to industry standards
  • Reduce time and money in contract proofing
  • Decrease waste due to operator errors

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Integration with in-line spectrophotometer for automated color workflow
  • Xerox offers an array of digital presses for short run color jobs
Xerox award-winning digital presses and multifunction printers include flexible platforms that accommodate a wide variety of workflow software. Functionality may vary by product model. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.

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