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Repeatable and predictable quality output on any color printer.

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ASPColorManagement is a Cloud-based Color Management Solution
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Businesses need to achieve constant and assured color output as part of their overall successful business strategy. ASPColorManagement offers Cloud/SAAS based color management solution for quality, productivity and workflow efficiencies. This solution helps Xerox customers retain and expand their success, without needing complex software or costly investment in staff training. is revolutionary in end user ease of use coupled with state-of-the-art "in the cloud" technology, giving another strong advantage to any Xerox customer in today’s market.
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Key Features

  • Manage multiple color devices across the enterprise
  • Simulate brand colors with the most accurate results to conform to company branding
  • Process Corrected Aims allow all print processes to be checked to theoretical, predicted or base line output
  • Unique TRC builder to get multiple engines inline via linearization
  • Lowest Common Denominator and Proofing Profiles create ICC profiles on the fly with gamut reduction of total environment
  • Device Link Profiles - inclusive preserve functions
  • Multi Color Process Printing (5-8 color) creates Pantone® libraries for multi color printers
  • Supports Windows and Mac platforms
Printed communication needs to be in the highest quality and brand colors need to be accurate. Our color management solution can help you with that, but can be complex and require high investments in software and training/consulting.

Key Challenges

  • Need for repeatable and predicable color quality, across different machines
  • Wasted paper and ink due to operator trial and error
  • High IT costs
  • Offset simulation - full color match is not needed but it must look like offset
  • Toner reduction for cost savings
  • Color management across multiple devices
ASPColorManagement generates high quality ICC-profiles and Pantone® libraries via special prefixed settings for standard, photo optimized, and other workflows. Both user-defined and industry standard color libraries such as Pantone will always have the best possible match in production. ASPColorManagement is ideal for graphic arts, photo printing, and color continuous feed. ASPColorManagement's Cloud-based solution reduces IT costs.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Creates customized spot color libraries for Xerox DFEs
  • Xerox offers high quality output printers globally
  • Unique support tools in combination with ASPColorManagement
Xerox award-winning digital presses and multifunction printers include flexible platforms that accommodate a wide variety of workflow software. Functionality may vary by product model. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.

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