FreeFlow™ Output Manager™

Multiple printers working as one – automatically.

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  • Allows you to reduce turnaround time and increase efficiency by effectively prioritising, scheduling and splitting print jobs throughout your print operation
  • Boosts production capacity by leveraging your digital printing resources and cost-effectively printing mixed monochrome and colour jobs
  • Lowers your print production costs by maximising the use of digital printing assets, reducing labour needs, and automating print job routing
  • Allows you to receive jobs from anywhere on your network and send jobs to any number of devices using a single, unified interface
  • Controls your digital production printers and effectively manages the flow of print jobs across multiple printers
  • Can accept large jobs scanned by office multifunction devices and route them to production printers more suited to handling the heavy volume
  • Accepts jobs from:
    • Job submission clients
    • Internet
    • Network PCs
    • Mainframes
    • Hot folders
    • Other FreeFlow products such as Makeready, Process Manager, Express to Print, and Print Manager APP
    • Formats supported: PostScript, PDF, PCL, TIFF, ASCII text. ASCII and XPIF job tickets support and pass through support of JDF job tickets
  • FreeFlow Accounting module provides a window to all account information across your entire FreeFlow Print Server/DocuSP™-controlled printer fleet
  • JMF Service provides enhanced communication of job status between all JMF compliant modules in your print shop
  • Load balancing: increase throughput by processing jobs across multiple printers
  • Job attribute matching: examines job attributes and routes job to printer with matching characteristics
  • Job splitting: split jobs based on colour, copy, or page to improve productivity
  • Scripting: scripting of pre and post processing functions enables tighter integration and customisation of workflow implementation
  • Manages the flow of print jobs from a single point of control to targeted print production environments:
    • Quick print
    • Commercial printing
    • On-demand publishing
Supported Workstation Configuration:
  • Minimum system requirements:
    • Processor: Dual Intel® Xeon® 2.8 GHz equivalent or better
    • System memory: 4 GB of RAM or better
    • Hard drive: 10 GB of available SCSI/SAS hard disk space to install Output Manager software; additional space required for customer data
    • Video capability: PCI-based or AGP Video Controller with 128 MB RAM
    • Ethernet capability: 10/100/1000 MB/sec
    • Display: analog CRT or LCD monitor
    • Input devices: keyboard and mouse
    • Peripheral devices: DVD/CD-ROM Drive
    • Backup storage device recommended
  • Minimum Software Requirements
    • Windows® Server 2003 SP2 Operating System or Windows® 2008 Server SP2
    • Internet Browser: one of the following
      • Internet Explorer® version 7.0 or 8.0 in compatibility mode
      • Netscape® 7.0 or higher
      • Firefox® 2.0 or 3.0
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