FreeFlow™ Makeready™

Advanced prepress, simplified. Your capabilities, amplified.

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  • Facilitates the process of digitising, editing, archiving, and reprinting your paper documents
  • Streamlines your labour-intensive make-ready operations in a fully integrated suite of Xerox and third-party partner products
  • Makes job preparation more convenient, more productive, and more accurate
  • Packages complete document prepress activities in a single WYSIWYG environment to facilitate easy job programming and reduce errors
  • Improves your responsiveness to customers – enables efficient late-stage editing to quickly handle last-minute requests
  • Compatibility with Xerox high-volume production colour and monochrome printers ensures your print workflow will have the highest overall productivity possible
  • Integrates with DocuMate 765, DocuMate 700, DocuMate 4790, DocuMate 4799 (TWAIN 1.9 or above) and Xerox FreeFlow Scanner 665 for unsurpassed scan-to-print productivity
  • Provides support for speciality imaging text, which enhances security/fraud deterrence and adds value to your documents
  • Easy and intuitive user interface for page layout, editing, and proofing improves operator comprehension
  • Document preview menus provide logical views of documents for printing pages or book layouts, to simplify the proofing and approval process
  • Merge and Import capabilities let you merge documents, integrate hardcopy and electronic media, and import PDF files directly or convert to TIFF
  • Includes comprehensive document editing features such as: cut and paste, headers/footers, page numbering, and deskew/despeckle
  • Provides imposition flexibility, including custom imposition for selective page programming to improve document accuracy and reduce errors and rework
  • Set labelling feature easily adds variable content to documents such as covers, inserts, and slipsheets
  • Electronic "Light Table" registration offers precise control over front-to-back alignment accuracy
  • Optimises the make-ready workflow of any print production environment including:
    • Quick print
    • Commercial printing
    • Book publishing
    • On-demand publishing
    • In Plant / CRD
Supported Workstation Configuration:
  • Minimum System Requirements:
    • Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU equivalent or better
    • System memory: 2 GB or better
    • Hard drive: Disk 1 (Drive C): 160 GB SATA 7200 RPM
    • Customers should make appropriate allowances when selecting hard disk capacity in order to accommodate specific application needs, including considering larger disk capacity and / or additional drives.
    • Video capability: PCI based or AGP video controller with 128 MB RAM
    • Ethernet capability: 10/100/1000 MB/sec
    • Display: analog CRT or LCD monitor
    • Input devices: keyboard and mouse
    • Peripheral devices: DVD/CD-ROM Drive
    • Backup storage device recommended
  • Supported Scanners
Optional Capabilities
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