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  • Supports Adobe PDF Print Engine workflow, enabling a true end-to-end, native PDF workflow
  • An advanced channel-separation-based method for calibration with the Xerox Colour 1000 printing system provides reliable, robust and rapid calibration
  • Xerox Consistent Color Mode is an easy, one-button selection to "normalise" colour across multiple print engines
  • Patent-pending profiling technology exceeds industry standards for accuracy with the expanded gamut of the Xerox Colour 800/1000 Presses
  • Absolute Rendering offers apples-to-apples comparisons when evaluating colour matching relative to CGATS standards
  • RIP and hold a job to proof before a long print run, saving time on reprocessing
  • New subsets for variable data printing (VDP), including operator-defined and data-driven subsets, allow production decisions like layout and finishing to be independent of data stream construction
  • Gain more flexibility binding books and booklets with options for right-side and bottom-side bind edges
  • Easily create sample sets on demand
  • The Xerox FreeFlow Print Server delivers unparalleled flexibility, advanced workflow operability, and state-of-the-art colour management for Xerox production printers
  • Reduces training costs with a simple, intuitive interface that allows operators to handle straightforward jobs with minimal training
  • Enhances productivity with parallel processing and programmable, re-usable print queues
  • Benchmark security features are customisable to provide the right protection for any business
  • Part of the FreeFlow collection of products and partners that will help you reduce costs and increase productivity
  • Improved performance and ease of use:
    • Newly designed Graphic User Interface (GUI) makes job processing as simple as click, drag, and drop
    • Powerful job control allows you to hold, interrupt, proof, reprogram, and forward jobs from the interface to maximise print engine productivity
    • Multiple queues are available for programming so that you only have to set up a job once
    • Process JDF job tickets through hot folders to better plan, schedule, and execute job deliveries
    • Imposition support for both static and variable data streams (including VIPP®, PPML, PDF, PostScript®, and PCL5c).
    • Support of native file format avoids file conversion and loss of data
  • Colour
    • The dynamic DeviceLink ICC profile feature provides real-time build of custom RGB and CMYK DeviceLink ICC profiles, allowing you to emulate any printing device
    • PANTONE licensed solution offers optimal colour representation for over one thousand solid PANTONE colours as well as enhanced colour matching, including accurate tints and highlights
    • Supports Duotone, Tri-tone, and Quad-tone, as well as "Custom Spot Colours" and "Device N", supported by the Quark®/Adobe® suite
    • Automatic Image Enhancement enables you to quickly and easily apply correction for photographs
    • Advanced Preview lets you generate a high-resolution preview, zooming in to the pixel level, to give you absolute colour control - export your preview to a PDF to send to your customers as a soft proof
  • Security
    • Data security with multiple data streams supports true native printing so data does not have to be converted or transformed
    • Authentication features limit access to authorised users, locally and remotely, including the level of authorisation with strong passwords, login, and tracking
    • Security management feature allows you to adjust a range of security features to tailor security exactly to your needs, plus offers options such as a removable hard drive and disk overwrite
  • Variable Information
    • The hardware platform allows you to efficiently run hundreds of small jobs concurrently, or a single large job with thousands of data entries
    • Enhanced processing speed and capacity handle more objects, more complex pages, and more VI thanks to parallel job ripping, variable caching, and other performance enhancements
    • Unique imaging applications are available with the VI Interpreter software. These special fonts add security to high-value documents with specialty imaging options such as MicroText® Specialty Imaging Font, FluorescentText Mark™ that's visible only under UV light, and Glossmark™ Images for "digital spot varnish"
  • Fulfils the needs of nearly every print production environment:
    • Commercial Print
    • Print for Pay
    • Service Bureaus
    • Data Centres
    • In-Plant CRD
    • Enterprise
Customer Successes
Skipnes Kommunikasjon
Workflow software boosts growth and improves bottom line for Norwegian printer
EarthColor, Inc.
EarthColor Inc. partners with McGraw Hill Financial Communications to create their Annual Plan Review.
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Barksdale School Portraits
A Xerox end-to-end photo printing solution drives growth in the school portrait business.
DG3 Europe Limited
DG3 Europe Limited creates personalized Achievement Packs for winners of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.
MagnetStreet created the LookBook to showcase their wedding invitations and thank you cards.
De Budelse b.v.
De Budelse sells personalized boxes of chocolate, with boxes printed on their iGen4 Press.
Mediaware Digital Limited
Mediaware enabled Microsoft to speed distribution, lower cost, and add anti-counterfeiting measures to the packing of Windows® 7.
ColorCentric Corporation
ColorCentric Corporation produces portfolio sample books for a photography studio.
QuantumDigital launches a multi-touch cross-media campaign to attract executives.
K-Print Co., Ltd.
K-Print Co., Ltd. creates personalized gift boxes, marketed with a cross-media campaign.
CMP's publishing business is built on the Xerox Nuvera digital printing systems.

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