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Take a closer look at how our commitment and offerings can help you succeed.

Grow Your Printing Business

You want to delight your customers. Or produce more jobs. Or reduce costs while trying to grow your business.
We know this is your real business.

Since Xerox has been a leader in the printing industry for over 60 years, we are uniquely positioned to help you succeed in achieving your goals. In fact, we help you from the moment your evaluation begins, with technology that delivers the capabilities you want, workflow solutions that help you increase productivity while reducing costs, and business development tools to help you grow.

Take a closer look at the potential that digital printing delivers… and see how our commitment and offerings can help you succeed.
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The freedom to exceed expectations.
In today's highly competitive market, customer satisfaction is critical. Delighting your customers fosters loyalty, resulting in repeat business for your company.

Satisfying customers is just the start.
We understand the challenges you face in exceeding your customer's needs, day in and day out. We can provide solutions with versatility, speed, workflow, automation, variable data printing software and exceptional image quality to meet the most demanding job requirements. And our flexible training programs can help enable your staff members to better recognize business opportunities and serve your customers as knowledgeable, strategic consultants.

We can help you delight your customers with:
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Real Business Successes

Seshaasai helped the government of India produce and deliver unique social security identification cards for all its citizens, producing 60 million cards and letters within 120 days and exceeding their quota to print half a million cards per day by 40%.

McBattas Packaging and Printing
The Xerox iGen4 Diamond Edition Press with Thick Stock capability makes it possible to accommodate new and fast-growing opportunities in folding carton packaging with its acceptance of popular heavy stocks/paperboard and a larger sheet size.

Keiger Graphic Communications and Salem College
Keiger Graphic Communications delights Salem College with a 1:1 cross-media campaign to boost enrollment. The campaign resulted in the highest number of first-year students since 2004, an 11% increase over enrollment in 2009.
Produce more jobs, and say yes to more customers
Getting more jobs through your print shop every day is a must in today's short-run, quick turnaround world. Your equipment's print speed is one piece of the puzzle. Running your jobs on reliable technology using cutting-edge automated workflows – from order entry to finishing – completes the picture, significantly increasing the number of jobs you can process each day.

Getting it done
As you consider ways to get more jobs through your shop, you may need some help to get started. We have highly trained systems analysts and workflow solutions experts to support you. As you take on new applications, we stay with you to make sure you are positioned for success.

We can help you produce more jobs through:
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Real Business Successes

Capital Graphics
Investing in the Xerox Wide Format IJP 2000 allowed Capital Graphics grow their wide format business without increasing equipment or adding labor or resources.

MAR Graphics
MAR Graphics helped a government agency reduce the cost of printing the stickers required for vehicle permits.

Stevens Printing
With the Xerox® iGen3® Digital Production Press and FreeFlow® Print Server, Stevens Printing, Inc., was easily able to meet different needs for two of its clients.
Minimize your costs… maximize your efficiency
Everyone wants to cut costs. Making your operation run more efficiently is simply good business sense. But the big question is: How to do it?

We'll improve your bottom line
We have experience in optimizing print operations and can help you maximize the savings of every job. Our technology and workflow offerings work hand in hand to cut operating costs and save you time and labor to take on more work.

We can help you reduce costs with:
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Real Business Successes

David Douglas School
Reducing costs and increasing efficiency by centralizing print production

McGill University
Achieving the impossible, better and faster, at a reduced cost

Seminole County
A total Xerox solution really adds up: Seminole County reduces make-ready time by 80% and internal costs by 22%
Developing every opportunity to grow
Growing your business includes entering into new markets, attracting new customers, and getting more work from existing customers. Having a long-term strategy in place can differentiate your company in the marketplace and provide value to your customers. We understand the challenges with managing day-to-day operations and finding time to grow your business.

We can help you deliver more for your customers
Like you, your customers are looking for new ways to stand out. They want communications that increase their response rates, better ways to promote their brand, and measureable ROI. We have tools, resources and services to help you develop every aspect of your business, from software for variable data, to equipment and workflow that is right for your business. Our training and workshops can educate your frontline sales force, and our wide range of materials will help you promote your highest growth opportunities.

We can help you grow your printing business with:
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Real Business Successes

While much of Smartpress.com's business was growing in the retail space, its founder sought to expand into a new area: online printing services
La Imprenta Ya
Fast, high-quality book production nets new customers and helps boost print volume 300%

Quantum Digital
51% response rate makes 1:1 cross-media campaign shine – and generate new business

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