DocuPrint™ 155MX

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DocuPrint™ 155/155MX

Transaktionstryck är en tidskänslig verksamhet. Kontoutdrag, fakturor och annat transaktionsmaterial har tidsstämplar och snäva leveranstider. DocuPrint 155MX utgör grunden för produktionstryck som gör dig redo för att göra affärer.

Kort översikt

Standard High-volume network printing, simplex or duplex
Nominell hastighet 155 sid/min
Rekommenderad genomsnittlig månadsvolym 1 800 000 bilder per månad
Digital kontrollenhet FreeFlow Print Server
Efterbehandling Bokbindning, Broschyrenhet, Broschyrhäft, Bypass Transport, Helomslagsbindning, Häftning, Häftning, Plano, Ringbindning, Tejpbindning
Media Stordior, etikettblanketter, registerark, självkopierande papper, förperforerat papper, arkivpapper och andra specialmaterial
Utförliga specifikationer


The DocuPrint 155/155MX delivers all the benefits of the 2000 Series.
State-of-the-art print technology: You can leverage the latest technological developments: support for multiple page description languages (PDLs), protocol gateways, network and other I/O connectivity, job and queue management, error reporting, accounting, high-speed engines, large paper capacity and 600-dpi resolution.

Powerful 1:1 documents: Throughout your enterprise, you can use LCDS's dynamic document construction for variable data, transactional documents from the data centre and Xerox's VIPP software for the creation of variable data documents off the network.

Profitable network documents: Document composition software such as Xerox's VIPP IDE, Lytrod's ProForm Designer, Elixir's Autograph, or Group1 Doc 1 allows you to build on the strength of LCDS's dynamic document construction.

Offset quality: With 600-dpi capabilities, the DocuPrint 155/155MX offers outstanding laser printing with quality comparable to offset and the ability to dynamically print variable information on every page.

Streamlined assembly: The DocuPrint 155/155MX print engine features duplex printing, multiple input trays and output bins, flexible paper handling, and compatibility with industry leading feeding and finishing products.

Print-on-Demand: On-demand printing reduces production cycles and offers ultimate flexibility for modifying and updating applications.

Särskilda produktegenskaper

The monthly duty cycle is up to five million impressions.

Speed is up to 155 impressions per minute for 8.5 x 11 in. or A-4 paper.

Paper handling is enhanced with an optional 7 x 10 in. (178 x 254 mm) enablement kit that allows feeding paper as small as 7 x 10 in.

The DocuPrint 100 EPS is functionally equivalent to Xerox Network Printer Series products; network PDL printing is optional.

Functional equivalency to Xerox IPDS Printer Series products makes IPDS Printing an option.