Sistema de produção digital Xerox Nuvera™ 100/120/144/157 EA

Toner Cartridges

Part #Descrição
006R01261Nuvera Black Toner

Other Supplies

Part #DescriçãoCapacidade
008R12897Staple Cartridge for Booklet Maker on Professional Finisher (16,000 staples)16,000 staples
008R12898Staple Refills (High Volume Finisher & High Volume Finisher Booklet Maker)15,000 staples
008R12912Staple Cartridge (High Volume Finisher & High Volume Finisher Booklet Maker)5,000 staples
008R129199200 series STAPLE CARTRIDGE (50 SHEET)5,000 staples
008R12920Refills For 50 Sheet Cartridge, Pn 008R12919, 15K15,000 staples
008R13033Nuvera 100/120, 144, 200, And 288 Staples (100 Sheet Capacity)
Êxitos do cliente
CMP's publishing business is built on Xerox Nuvera digital printing systems.
Matrix Imaging Solutions
Producing more transactional and direct mail jobs
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La Imprenta Ya
Digital, on-demand book printing enables an extremely tight turnaround.
HF Group
The ever-changing book publishing landscape
Blue Valley School District
Automating repetitive functions boosts volumes without adding costs
MAR Graphics
MAR Graphics helps reduce the cost of printing vehicle permit stickers
University of Louisville
Right sizing to reduce costs
University of Texas San Antonio
Academic health center discovers better ways of doing business
Shaking up the sales process
McGill University Health Centre
Achieving the impossible, better and faster, at reduced cost
Pueblo City School District
A strategic asset for saving money and adding value
Seminole County
A total Xerox solution really adds up

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