DocuTech™ 6180 ExcellencePlus Series

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DocuTech™ 6180 ExcellencePlus Series

Grow your business with the DocuTech 6180 Excellent Plus Series. Enable new applications with the capability to print sheets as large as 364mm x 487mm, and support for coated stock.


The DocuTech ExcellencePlus 6180 Large Format Printer Series provides the capability to print sheets as large as 364mm x 487mm, extending the standard DocuTech maximum of 364mm x 431 mm. The larger sheets can lower production costs by permitting four-up, duplex 24cm x 17cm, Royal Octavo and Demy Octavo book or manual pages, which is twice the number of impositions possible in standard A3 workflows.

Särskilda produktegenskaper

High productivity with lightning speeds of up to 180 pages per minute throughput.

Standard size Stocks 60 - 200gsm

Automatic two-sided printing on 80-90 gsm sheets up to 364 x 487 mm for DocuTech ExcellencePlus Large Format Printer

Easy to network: with industry-standard LAN support for Novell SPX/IPX, TCP/IP and EtherTalk.

Handles both large and small documents with automatic two-sided printing on sheets up to 14" x 17" (363 x 432 mm).

Turnkey solution means higher efficiencies and lower costs: Document Services Platform (DocuSP) software offers automated document production and control.

ImageSense enhanced 600 dpi resolution for excellent halftone and fine line reproduction.

Integrated Interposer enables you to use up to five different paper stocks.

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