DocuTech™ 6155 Customer Solutions

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Read about how an outsourcing relationship with Xerox improved Ericsson's document management system.

Case Study
Ericsson Case Study (PDF, 745 KB)

Consumer Products

A DocuTech solution delivered virtually instant creation of user guides, reducing the lead time from 3 weeks to 8 hours, changing text at a moment's notice, all handled in-house.

Case Study
Whirlpool Case Study (PDF, 882 KB)

Health Insurance

See how this company implemented a Xerox solution for Post-Enrollment Kits that allowed for customization, company-wide document access, and a digital document library.

Case Study
Health Insurance Plan Administrators, Inc. Case Study (PDF, 883 KB)


Security is of critical importance in all printing applications and industries. The FreeFlow™ Document Services Platform (DocuSP™) Controller, and production printing solutions including the Xerox Nuvera™ Digital Copier/Printer, Xerox Nuvera™ Digital Production System, DocuTech™ Production Publishers, and DocuPrint™ Enterprise Printing Systems, provide security features that offer the highest levels of security, adhere to government regulations, and offer customers peace of mind.

Read about the Xerox commitment to keeping digital information safe and secure.

White Paper
Secure Solutions for You and Your Customers (PDF, 279 KB)


This solution provided the flexibility to update courseware whenever necessary, improved time-to-market, and accelerated turnaround time for shipping courses while reducing shipping costs.

Case Study
ProSoft Training Case Study (PDF, 248 KB)