DocuTech™ 6115

DocuTech 6115 sælges ikke længere som ny.
Du kan overveje at købe et lignende produkt til erstatning.
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DocuTech™ 6115 Production Publisher

Når jobbet kræver sort-hvid produktion i stort omfang med uforlignelig billedkvalitet, blandet papir, forskellig papirfremføring og efterbehandling, så er løsningen DocuTech 6115.

I korte træk

Standard funktioner High-volume network printing, simplex or duplex
Hastighed 115 sider/min
Gennemsnitlig volumen pr. måned op til 600.000 sider pr. måned
Efterbehandling Bypass-transport, Hæftede sæt, Hæfter, Indbinder, Indbundet, Perfect Bound, Spiralindbinding, Stitcher, Stor udfaldsbakke, Tapeindbundet
Medie Typer Omslag, faneblade, Xerox-karbonfrit papir, genbrugspapir
Detaljerede specifikationer


With a 115 page per minute output, print on demand capability, 1:1 marketing, and distribute then print, the DocuTech 6115 is the perfect addition to the DocuTech 2000 Publisher series

Continuing our promise to provide modular, scalable, upgradeable solutions, Xerox is pleased to deliver the DocuTech 6115 Production Publisher.

Tailored to meet your volume and cost requirements, the DocuTech 6115 delivers up to 115 pages per minute. Compatible with almost any client environment such as Windows, Mac, Sun and Solaris, and featuring a total paper input capacity of 7,000-plus sheets, the DocuTech 6115 takes your business documents to the next level in digital printing and publishing. Delivering this amazing production capability is the DocuTech 6115's Dual Processor Sun Ultra2 with Solaris Operating System 2.6 and 256 MB of main memory. Combine this power with the ease of making all your operator settings with the push of a few buttons, and you'll see that the DocuTech 6115 is a complete package: powerful, but with an emphasis on usability.

The DocuTech 6115 is just one more product that illustrates the Xerox commitment to producing superior products.

Produktets fordele

256 MB main memory

Laser raster output at 600 dpi

All operator settings are made with the push of a few buttons

Ethernet interface (10 Mb/sec or 100 Mb/sec)

TCP/IP, EtherTalk, Novell (SPX-IPX) native environments