DocuColor™ 7000/8000 Digital Press
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Benefits - DocuColor 7000/8000
  • Provides a choice of two entry points into high end digital colour printing
  • Sophisticated features enhance productivity and profitability - supports faster turnarounds, large and small print runs, and complex mixed-media and variable-information jobs
  • Benchmark versatility and reliability address business challenges such as tighter registration, industry convergence, and the growing demand for variable information
  • Three optional Color Servers provide a choice of workflow to suit your business applications and needs
  • Incorporates across-the-board improvements to an industry-proven platform, including image quality, productivity, speed, reliability, workflow and value
  • Combines with the Xerox FreeFlow Digital Workflow collection to enable highly efficient, profitable short-run and variable information printing
Features - DocuColor 7000/8000
  • DocuColor 7000 prints up to 70 ppm; DocuColor 8000 prints up to 80 ppm
  • Outstanding 2400 dpi resolution and digital halftone screens are achieved through a number of engineering advancements
  • New gearless motors provide consistency in overall image quality
  • Toner Load While Run – reservoir produces up to 5,000 prints while you load new toner cartridges
  • Custom paper setup lets you create, store, and retrieve unique paper profiles that can be used whenever needed
  • Improved front-to-back registration plus customizable paper alignment adjustments result in higher quality two-sided output
  • Fully automated output decurler, with programmable settings to define parameters for specific stocks
  • New Corotron Cleaning Assembly improves image quality by keeping the corotron wires clean
Key Applications - DocuColor 7000/8000
  • Ideally suited for commercial print, service bureau, data center, and in-plant/CRD operations
  • Supports a wide range of high-value applications and environments, including:
    • Print-on-demand and Web-to-print
    • Unified offset and digital printing
    • Book printing
    • Personalized marketing
    • Cross media and 1-to-1 publishing
    • Transactional promotional communications
  • Easily accommodates production requirements for:
    • Catalogs, brochures, manuals, books
    • Training manuals, presentations, newsletters
    • Variable information printing