Xerox® D95/D110/D125

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Xerox® D95/D110/D125 Copier/Printer and D110/D125 Printer

Other Supplies

Part #DescriptionКапацитет
008R12925Staple Cartridge for Finisher with Booklet Maker20,000 staples
008R13041Staple Cartridge for Light Production Finisher20,000 staples

Upgrades and Accessories

Part #Description
098S04922FFPS Stand and Spectrophotometer Holder
098S05050High Capacity Stacker Dolly Kit
498K14141Foreign Interface
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Xerox boosts Sparkle Egypt's operations by 20%
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More efficient production and cost reductions of 15%
Hivatalos Press
Making printing more efficient while significantly reducing the amount of waste generated during production

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