Document Centre™ 340ST


Document Centre™ 340ST

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Description - Document Centre 340ST
It's a whole new ball game. And the Document Centre 340 ST gives you the best seat in the house.

The 340 ST changes walk and wait to point and click, delivering the most advanced set of document services in the world right to the desktop of everyone on your network.

New performance standards let you copy, print, scan, and fax your documents faster, easier - and with far better reliability and image quality - than traditional single-function devices.

Product Highlights - Document Centre 340ST
A short paper path and fewer moving parts than traditional copiers makes the 340 ST extremely reliable.

A total document solution that provides an on-ramp to your network for paper documents.

Powerful work-process improvements, including: scan to PC, scan to network, scan to e-mail, and scan to application.

Make maximum use of your network bandwidth with the 340 ST's send-once/print-many architecture.

Perform concurrent functions such as copying while faxing, or print while receiving a fax.

Walk-up users have access to advanced, yet easy -to-use, digital copying.

Superior image quality through 600 dpi scanning and Auto IQ.