Document Centre™ 265ST


Document Centre™ 265ST

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Description - Document Centre 265ST
Everything on your network should be this productive.

The Document Centre 265 ST helps everyone on your network get work done faster and better with speed, concurrency, and powerful software. And it's simple maintain and operation.

A strategic solution specifically designed for the networked office, the Document Centre 265 ST helps you tap into the full potential of your network, increasing productivity and simplifying management of network resources.

Product Highlights - Document Centre 265ST
A new benchmark in image quality means superior detail, line quality, shades of grey and halftones.

Powerful concurrency that competitive systems simply can't match.

The 265 ST handles network and walkup jobs concurrently, leaving more time to get other work done.

Rip once. Print many

Simple reliable design and advanced service technology.

Simple paper paths, a minimum of replaceable parts, plus our advanced Sixth Sense service technology mean fewer, shorter service calls.

Enjoy uptime and utilisation numbers that other systems simply can't match.

Certified Adobe PostScript is standard at no extra charge so you get the highest levels of quality, reliability and compatibility.

The 265 ST gives you the speed you need - 65 ppm - to maximise office productivity.

Even when making reproductions from colour documents, it offers a new benchmark in image quality.

Superior detail, line quality, shades of grey and halftones are output at selectable resolutions from 600 up to 1800 dpi emulations.

Scan a job while it is outputting another print or copy job for greater throughput.

The 265 ST sends each file over the network just once so your network runs freer and faster.

Point and click productivity with Xerox CentreWare software.

Centreware lets everyone on the network access the advanced functionality of Document Centre.