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Benefits - Xerox 3001
  • Convince engineering copier saves time and money
  • Monochrome copies of black and white or colour originals typically run at speeds that are up to 8 times faster and at a lower cost per copy than making additional prints on inkjets
  • Boosts productivity - makes as many as 10 copies without re-feeding your drawing
  • Small footprint and quiet operation for use in any professional environment
Features - Xerox 3001
  • Up to 10 copies from a single original at the rate of 1 A1 size prints per minute
  • +/- 0.5% scale accuracy
  • Automated Document Handler for multiple copies
  • Partial copy to reproduce only the image area you need
  • Recall feature automatically restores previous job setting
Key Applications - Xerox 3001
  • Scaled for low-volume users
  • Works well in even the tightest work environments without disrupting the office