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C.P. Bourg BHCE High Capacity Elevator

Ergonomic high-capacity sheet elevator

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The C.P. Bourg BCHE High Capacity Elevator is able to lift and maintain a cart and 20-inch stack of pre-collated page sets weighing up to 287 pounds to a height of 27 inches (689 mm).

With the stack top held at a constant ergonomic height, the operator can feed the sets of pre-collated material for finishing without the stress and strain associated with repeatedly bending over and lifting up each set.
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Key Features

  • Maintains the stack at a constant height to reduce operator fatigue and improve output
  • Lifts stacks weighing up to 287 lbs. (130 kg) for a maximum height of 20" (508 mm)
  • Sturdy metal BHCE enclosure protects collated sets
  • Compatible with a wide range of on-line stacker trolleys, pallets, and carts commonly used with different manufacturer's production digital print engines
  • Simply roll a stack of printed media from a stacker into the BHCE and enjoy an easy-to-reach leveled stack
Finishing digitally-printed materials off-line can be a highly efficient and flexible workflow approach. But to be their most productive, operators who perform these tasks need ergonomically designed tools that help them do their jobs with the greatest ease and least strain.

Key Challenges

  • Nearly 13,000 workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private U.S. printing industry employers in 2010
  • Labor and insurance costs keep rising
  • It's in everybody's best interest to minimize workplace injuries and promote an ergonomic workplace environment
  • Digitally printed pre-collated materials typically contain sensitive variable data requiring set integrity
By lifting the cart and stack to a convenient height for the operator to unload it, the C.P. Bourg BCHE High Capacity Elevator reduces fatigue and optimizes operator productivity. It helps prevent muscle strain associated with repeatedly bending down and standing up to retrieve collated print sets, while protecting the pre-collated stack in a secure enclosure.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • A simpler solution for Xerox off-line finishing and booklet making, driven by time savings, simplicity and operator ergonomics and safety
  • Proven operation with various Xerox monochrome and color marking engines
  • Chosen as the Xerox 2012 Overall Business Innovation Partner for the eighth consecutive year – this reflects C.P. Bourg's enduring and steadfast commitment to Xerox and its customers
  • Designed to deliver the full measure of C.P. Bourg cornerstones of Quality, Innovation and Efficiency

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