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Impressora de Produção Digital Xerox iGen3™ 110

Image enhancement and productivity options

Automated Colour Quality Suite Press Matching System
  • Increases productivity and consistency by automating tasks such as calibration and colour adjustments
  • Ensures superior image quality
  • Inline Spectrophotometer reads colour data inside the printer at rated speed
  • Advanced Profiling provides outstanding colour accuracy, emulates industry colour standards, and results in better photo rendering
  • Spot Colour Calibration automatically adjusts PANTONE® colours for improved accuracy and control
  • Colour Check allows the press operator to quickly determine if the press is ready to go into full production
  • Automated Calibration automates previous manual process and can be scheduled ensuring maximum colour stability

Feeding/Stacking/Bypass Options
Lasermax Roll Systems DocuSheeter™ iG
  • Inline roll feed system for continuous feeding of cut-sheet paper from a roll
  • Provides up to 50,000 additional sheets per roll (based on A4/8.5" x 11"; 75 gsm/20 lb. Bond)
  • Sheets are delivered directly into the paper path
  • Sheets per roll varies based on core size, paper type (coated/uncoated, weight, caliper, etc.) and cut size
  • Used as part of the Teacher's Edition Solution to improve overall operations in textbook production - reduce production time, wasted paper, and operator intervention
Xerox Finishing Interface Kit
  • Inline interface providing physical and electrical connections from printer to inline finishing devices
Xerox Tiltatron/Stackatron/DocuCard Solutions
  • Inline tilted tray (for input and output)
  • Counteracts stack build-up of DocuCard forms
  • Increases effective tray capacity to 400 sheets

Finishing Options

What type of finishing do you need?

GBC Mercury Laminator
  • Low volume laminator
GBC Hi Tac Laminate Film
  • Increases image durability
D&K Super Stick Laminate Film
  • Increases image durability

Stitched Sets
CP Bourg BDFx Booklet Maker
  • Inline booklet maker and corner edge stapler
  • Booklets round edge with up to 4 stitch heads
  • Optional square edge module available
Duplo DM Series Booklet Makers
  • Nearline booklet maker with stitch, fold, and face trim features
  • Automatic set-up and bar code reader options

Lay Flats
GBC Fusion Punch II
  • Docks inline to the printer, combining printing and punching into one step
  • Cost effective, professional looking finishing option
  • Hole punches sheets individually for mechanical / lay flat binding
  • 24 standard dies or custom configurations available
  • GBC DigiCoil Binder required to coil punched documents
GBC DigiCoil Binder
  • Offline coil binder books up to 33mm / 1.3"
  • Handles assorted stocks, index tabs, and oversized covers

Tape Bound
Powis Parker FastBack Binder
  • Offline table-top tape binder
  • Binds large and small documents fast and easily
  • From 3 to 350 sheets
  • Optional Spine Printer

Case Bound
On Demand Machinery
  • Offline book binding equipment for case bound book production
Powis Parker FastBack Hardcover System
  • Offline table-top hardcover binding system
  • Binds A4 / 8.5 x 11 size documents in hardcover
  • Four different finishes and a variety of colours

Perfect Bound
Xerox Manual+Book Factory
  • An economical binding solution for short runs (under 1,000)
  • Produces professionally finished books quickly and easily
  • Inline perfect binding system creates perfect bound books
  • Up to 4 page signatures
  • Optional inline Challenge CMT330 three-knife trimmer
CP Bourg BB3002 Offline Perfect Binder
  • Offline single clamp perfect binder
  • Produces up to 600 high quality perfect bound books per hour
  • Optional digitally controlled CMT330 Three Knife Trimmer
Standard Horizon BQ270 Offline Perfect Binder
  • Offline production perfect binder
  • Fully-automated operation and set-up for
    • Book block dimensions
    • Glue application
    • Cover feeding, positioning, scoring

Booklet Making
CP Bourg BDFx Booklet Maker
  • Inline booklet maker and corner edge stapler
  • Booklets round edge with up to 4 stitch heads
  • Optional square edge module available
  • Optional Cover Feeder available
Duplo DM Series Booklet Makers
  • Nearline booklet makers with stitch, fold, and face trim features
  • Automatic set-up and bar code reader options

Packaging Solutions
Xerox Automated Packaging Solution
  • Creates new product opportunities by enabling efficient and effective production of short run folding cartons
  • Allows for customisation of pharmaceutical cartons, including individualised instructions or security codes
  • Seamlessly integrates a Xerox iGen3 Digital Production Press, an Epic CTi-635 varnishing unit, and a KAMA DC 58 buffering stacker line and die cutter
  • Improves time to market for new products by reducing turnaround time and enabling effective test marketing or promotions
  • Offers the flexibility of gloss or matte coating options
  • Reduces waste by printing each package on demand and prints onto recyclable packaging board

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