Xerox Offering Customization

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Xerox Offering Customization

Xerox Offering Customization (XSIS and Custom Applications Service/CAS) designs and implements end-to-end systems to satisfy unique requirements for a select group of customers with common industry needs, application characteristics or productivity goals.

When "business as usual" isn't quite right for you, Customization is here to help. If your requirements include unique or unusual workflows or applications, we'll work with you to ensure your Xerox product truly meets your requirements.

We can provide one-off solutions that satisfy a business-critical feature or function not available with standard products. Examples include end-to-end workflow or finishing solutions that may represent a competitive advantage. We can customize any of the existing Offering Customization solutions listed below as well.

Production Information Management System Production Information Management System
The Xerox Production Information Management System (PIMS) captures, computes and displays real-time production performance for one printer or a group of printers, either on-site or at multiple locations. The system provides job status, productivity metrics, and machine metrics such as idle time and print time. Real time or historical data can be viewed on screen or exported for further analysis. Download brochure 
Lean Document Production Lean Document Production
Lean Document Production provides data collection and analysis of your workflow and recommends ways to improve your business processes. Our analysis can help you define the ideal mix of printing and finishing devices, shop layout configuration and resource utilization based on your resources, your business and the jobs you run. The goal is to help you optimize your production print shop so you can achieve higher profits, while minimizing costs and waste.
  • Print shops achieve new levels of productivity not attainable through current approaches practiced within the printing industry
  • Eliminates current workflow inefficiencies
  • Maximizes labor, equipment and materials utilization
  • Lets you maintain existing equipment and labor with a restructured configuration and workflow
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Robotic Print Solution Robotic Print Solution
The Xerox® Robotic Print solution is a customized manufacturing solution designed to fit your production requirements. Intelligent and flexible, the Robotic Print Solution uses robotic technology to help you streamline your print, converting, and delivery operations so you can boost your production – and your bottom line.

The Xerox® Robotic Print Solution is designed to adjust to your needs rather than requiring development of an entire solution from the ground up. It can be delivered as an end-to-end system including variable laser cutting, it can be integrated with existing equipment such as a die cutter, or it can perform a subset of the tasks you need for your operation. The bottom line: it can help you do more great work, decrease your post-press processing time – and make your print manufacturing operation more flexible.
  • Programmable – robotics technology can be customized to fit your needs, whether you're doing inline finishing or converting of signage, packaging or other applications
  • Efficient – can be integrated with your existing equipment or used separately for offline production tasks
  • Fast and accurate – robots operate at high speed with great precision and multiple robots can work on the same or different tasks
  • Productive and profitable – handle more jobs with greater confidence, accuracy and speed and grow your bottom line
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General Integrity System General Integrity System
The General Integrity System offers a baseline integrity solution which is customized for individual business applications, which can range from financial to insurance to healthcare. By combining base hardware and software components with customized elements, we can create a solution that meets your unique requirements at an affordable price.

Customizable elements can satisfy the need for stock verification, sequence verification, imposition verification or provision of an audit trail. Components that may be modified include the type of reader used, the location on the page of symbols or codes to be read and the manipulation of the data that is captured by the reader(s). Common business logic or unique rules can be applied to the data to meet your integrity requirements.

Compatible with: Xerox Nuvera™ 200/288/314 EA | Xerox Nuvera™ 100/120/144/157 EA | Xerox Nuvera™ 200/288 MX | Xerox Nuvera™ 144 MX | Xerox Nuvera™ 120 MX | Xerox Nuvera™ 100 MX | DocuPrint™ 180MX |

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Check Production Integrity Check Production Integrity
Check Production Integrity helps you safeguard your MICR check printing process on Xerox Nuvera MX and DocuPrint MX printers, so you'll never have to tell your auditor why you're one check short. Check Production Integrity incorporates three components to help control your documents:
  • Print Validation captures content of every printed MICR line (account number, serial/warrant number, etc.) for reporting purposes and to compare total number of checks in a run to the expected number.
  • Media Log enables tracking of all pages from the time sheets are fed to final disposition, so all stock (which is valuable whether it's printed on or blank) can be accounted for.
  • Resource Security allows password control on resources such as fonts and signatures for checks and other secure documents.
  • Compatible with: Xerox Nuvera™ 200/288 MX | Xerox Nuvera™ 144 MX | Xerox Nuvera™ 120 MX | Xerox Nuvera™ 100 MX | DocuPrint™ 180MX |
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Xerox Enhanced Accounting Reporter Xerox Enhanced Accounting Reporter
Xerox Enterprise Accounting Reporter (XEAR) helps you track and analyze your print jobs at the shop level or enterprise level to meet accounting and management reporting demands. It consolidates detailed FreeFlow Print Server accounting type (job) data, reports it multiple ways, and stores the data in an internal, MS SQL or Microsoft Access database.

  • Displays business management data such as print volumes, stock usage and completed jobs by customer
  • Provides a full view of all production, consolidated across all printers and all jobs
  • Data can be viewed in reports or exported for manipulation in a spreadsheet or an MIS product
  • Tracks your operation's efficiency for services provided to your internal customers or business groups
  • Helps you manage to service level agreements and support your internal chargeback system
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MatchAssure MatchAssure
Xerox® MatchAssure is the ideal solution enabling you to deliver simple, fast, consistent color to meet the most demanding standards on a single printer, over a fleet of printers and across multiple locations. MatchAssure bundles software loaded on a PC with an attached X-Rite® spectrophotometer to produce a highly accurate Destination Profile for each digital press. Download brochure 
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Xerox Confident Color
Thick Stock Capability Thick Stock Capability for iGen4™ Diamond Edition
The Xerox iGen4 Diamond Edition Press with Thick Stock Capability is designed for customers who print signs and folding cartons that require high caliper media, such as 24 pt paperboard (610 microns), which provide a stiff substrate. If you're a commercial printer, you may wish to run thicker card and cover stocks, or applications such as point of sale displays, gift cards, postcards, business cards, brochures and advertising pieces.
  • Enables use of thick stock for applications such as signage and packaging
  • Delivers the traditional efficiencies of short runs, plus the flexibility of variable data
  • Increases application capabilities for converters, folding carton companies and in-plants
  • Accommodates additional specialty applications such as point of purchase signs, gaming pieces or photo novelty items
  • Available for qualified stocks
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Tiltatron Tiltatron
The Tiltatron is a custom paper drawer insert available for certain higher capacity feeders. It enables feeding of special stocks that have cards attached to them, which are used for applications such as insurance cards. These stocks tend to sit in a tray at an angle since one end of the sheet is thicker due to the attached card. The Tiltatron tilts the stocks to accommodate for uneven thickness and enables operators to stack up to 10 times as many sheets in a tray.
2-Knife Trimmer Xerox 2-Knife Trimmer
Gives a professional appearance by trimming all three sides of a booklet, providing a full-bleed capability for squarefold booklets made on the Versant® 80, Versant® 2100, Xerox® Color 1000i Press, Xerox Color C75 Press, and Xerox Color J75 Press with the Booklet Maker Finisher and the Xerox® SquareFold™ Trimmer Module. This inline solution produces attractive, full-bleed, flat booklets on a relatively small footprint and is perfect for a wide range of on-demand applications.
  • Inline solution to minimize operator intervention and ensure booklet integrity
  • Produces booklets up to 25 sheets of either 20 lb. bond or 80 gsm
  • Reliable, robust design
  • Trim dimensions can be adjusted quickly and with precision
  • Asymmetric trimming option
  • Produces booklets up to 3/16" (5 mm) thickness
  • Unique interface (no DFA required)
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Xerox Adaptable Accessibility Solution Xerox® Adaptable Accessibility Solution
Xerox Adaptable Accessibility Solution empowers visually impaired, blind and physically disabled employees by integrating with a multifunction printer, providing a touch screen tablet with audio talk-back for key functions: copy, scan to email, and fax. Xerox Secure Print and Common Access Card compatibility ensure security
Compatible with the following devices with Xerox® ConnectKey® 1.5 Technology:
WorkCentre 7220/7225 | WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855 | WorkCentre 7970 | WorkCentre 5945/5955
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Angled Consoles Angled Consoles
The inclined position of angled control consoles provides enhanced visibility and access for wheelchair operators without sacrificing convenience for others.  Perfect for public access copiers such as those in libraries that require Section 508 compliance.  Angled consoles also help reduce glare.
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Adjustable Control Panels Adjustable Control Panels
With this fully adjustable arm, you can adjust the screen on your printer to accommodate wheelchairs or glare.  By lowering or raising the screen, operators can experience greater visibility and access. Adjustable Control Panels are perfect for public access copiers (libraries, etc.) This feature may also help you to comply with requirements of Section 508.
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Braille Labels Braille Labels
These pressure-sensitive labels allow you to add Braille to almost any copier control console.  For some copiers, Braille abbreviations can fit right onto or next to the number and feature buttons.  For others, a large Braille legend is affixed to the document handler to provide a map of the console layout. These labels are most effective when used on copiers with individual feature selection buttons versus touch screens.
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Vending and Access Control Vending and Access Control
We can provide you with a vending solution that fits your needs.  From cash (coin/bill), value-add cards and credit card readers, to USB card readers such as mag stripe/bar code/RFID integrated into print management solutions such as Envisionware or Papercut, we will work with you to make sure our solution fits your business requirements.