Xerox Offering Customisation

Helping you do work you couldn't do before.

Xerox Offering Customisation

Xerox Offering Customisation (XSIS and Custom Applications Service/CAS) designs and implements end-to-end systems to satisfy unique requirements for a select group of customers with common industry needs, application characteristics or productivity goals.

When "business as usual" isn't quite right for you, Customisation is here to help. If your requirements include unique or unusual workflows or applications, we'll work with you to ensure your Xerox product truly meets your requirements.

We can provide one-off solutions that satisfy a business-critical feature or function not available with standard products. Examples include end-to-end workflow or finishing solutions that may represent a competitive advantage. We can customise any of the existing Offering Customisation solutions listed below as well.

MatchAssure MatchAssure
Xerox® MatchAssure is the ideal solution enabling you to deliver simple, fast, consistent colour to meet the most demanding standards on a single printer, over a fleet of printers and across multiple locations. MatchAssure bundles software loaded on a PC with an attached X-Rite® spectrophotometer to produce a highly accurate Destination Profile for each digital press. Download brochure 
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Xerox Confident Colour
2-Knife Trimmer Xerox 2-Knife Trimmer
Gives a professional appearance by trimming all three sides of a booklet, providing a full-bleed capability for squarefold booklets made on the Versant® 80, Versant® 2100, Xerox® Colour 800i/1000i Presses, Xerox Colour C75 Press and Xerox Colour J75 Press with the Booklet Maker Finisher and the Xerox® SquareFold™ Trimmer Module. This inline solution produces attractive, full-bleed, flat booklets on a relatively small footprint and is perfect for a wide range of on-demand applications.
  • Inline solution to minimise operator intervention and ensure booklet integrity
  • Produces booklets up to 25 sheets of either 80 gsm
  • Reliable, robust design
  • Trim dimensions can be adjusted quickly and with precision
  • Asymmetric trimming option
  • Produces booklets up to 5 mm thickness
  • Unique interface (no DFA required)
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