DocuPrint™ 525 Continuous Feed


DocuPrint™ 525

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DocuPrint™ 525 במבט מהיר

יכולות סטנדרטיות Pinless or pinfed continuous print
מהירות הדפסה 500 A4 ipm
74 metres per minute
בקר הדפסה FreeFlow DocuSP (optional)
גימור אביזר קיפול, כורך, מערים, ערכות מהודקות
מדיה להדפסה pinless, pinfed, preprinted, plain, boxed fanfold forms, and roll-fed paper
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Benefits - DocuPrint 525
  • World class continuous feed printing system increases productivity and flexibility in both transactional printing and publishing environments
  • Expanded web width of 495mm increases application flexibility and may enable more images per metre, to reduce run costs while increasing output
  • High speed 600 dpi printing supports high, cyclical print volumes and tight print windows
  • Supports processing of complex print jobs using all industry standard data streams
  • Works in conjunction with the Xerox FreeFlow™ Digital Workflow collection of solutions to fit easily into your workflow
Features - DocuPrint 525
  • Simplex printing up to 532ipm two-up (A4/8.5" x 11")
  • Two print speed modes to minimise clutching and enable more substrate flexibility
  • 495mm web width for more application flexibility such as 3 up printing (152 x 229 mm/6" x 9")
  • Print resolution up to 600dpi at 74.4 metres per minute
  • Supports pinless, pinfed, pre-printed, plain, boxed fanfold forms and roll-fed paper
  • Full colour touch screen graphical user interface
  • Supports multiple third party pre/post accessories
Key Applications - DocuPrint 525
  • Transactional print environment
    • Data Centres, Design and Print Service Agencies
    • Billing, Statements, Cheques, Direct Mail, Reports
  • Publishing environment
    • Commercial/In-house Printers, CRDs, Publishers
    • Books, Booklets, Catalogues, Brochures, Manuals, Directories
  • Convergence market
    • Transaction documents with more graphical content
    • Customised publishing with variable data
    • 1 to 1 marketing