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Description - DocuPrint 350
The DocuPrint Continuous Feed Series expands Xerox's industry-leading monochrome production printing line-up and sets benchmarks for productivity, flexibility and ease-of-use. Supporting these printers is the Xerox-exclusive Intelligent Print Line Manager Control software and Print Line Hub that connect print engines and feeding and finishing devices. Built-in tools ensure that operators are up to speed literally within a matter of hours. It all begins with an intuitive graphical user interface - a colour touch screen where operators interact with the engine and are logically guided through pre- and post-printing tasks with simple-to-understand visual icons. Jobs are easy to set up and control, and features like instant job ticket recall, which allows operators to program a job once and then save the settings, truly simplify previously challenging tasks. The DocuPrint Continuous Feed Series presents a new level of flexibility and productivity for printers that produce both transactional and publishing documents, such as consolidated in-plant print shops.

High Speed Productivity: The DocuPrint 350 CF prints at 350 impressions per minute. A printable width of 17" ensures added productivity through 2-up printing for 8.5 x 11" jobs. Other features like toner-refill-while-you-run and an attention indicator further improve your ability to turn jobs around quickly and reliably.

True Openness: With native support of IPDS and optional support of Xerox LCDS, PostScript(r), PCL, TIFF, and PDF, the DocuPrint CF Series can do virtually any job - from the network or from the mainframe via a bus and tag channel. An optional DigiPath/DocuSP connection provides even greater output flexibility as this is the common front end that spans Xerox's entire line of production printing systems, including all DocuTech and DocuPrint 2000 Series devices.

High Performance Reliability: Thousands of worldwide installations have proven the DocuPrint CF engine as one of the most reliable printers on the market. We've taken extra measures to assure maximum uptime by developing "technology within the technology" that makes a positive impact on the DocuPrint's reliability and durability.

Output Quality: The DocuPrint 350 CF consistently delivers razor-sharp, detailed images and crisp, clear text.

High Volume Capability: An average monthly print volume of up to 18 million pages will make the DocuPrint 350 CF one of the workhorses of your operation.

End-to-end Flexibility: With world-class feeding and finishing partners like Stralfors, Roll Systems Incorporated, Hunkeler, and others, DocuPrint CF 350 can productively handle box- or roll-fed media in a variety of stocks and substrates - greatly increasing the types of jobs you're able to produce. Preheat temperature control and fuser temperature control also provide better paper flexibility and allow you to produce a wider range of applications.

Product Highlights - DocuPrint 350
The DocuPrint 350 CF prints 162.5 feet per minute. The print engine produces 229 images per minute, 8.5 x 11" one-up Landscape; 354 images per minute, 8.5 x 11" two-up Portrait; 236 images per minute, A-4, one-up Landscape; 332 images per minute, A-4, two-up Portrait.

Variable input and output resolution enhance the flexibility of the DocuPrint 350 CF. Input resolution is switchable between 240 x 240 dots per inch; 300 x 300 dots per inch; and 600 x 600 dots per inch. Output resolution is switchable between 480 x 480 dots per inch and 600 x 600 dots per inch.

Smart Print Line Management - a process that facilitates communication between up to ten pre- and post-production devices, including print engines - lets you manage all aspects of the printing process from a single location.