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Our partnership with the New York Mets

Providing a world-class baseball experience requires meticulous planning, organization and communication.

Xerox had teamed up with multiple departments in the Mets organization—Ticketing, Venue Services, Ballpark Operations, Marketing Communications and others— to study work processes and the printing, sharing and updating everything from fan communications to restaurant menus.
By working behind the scenes, we've helped the Mets become more organized and efficient. This allowed them to focus on what they do best: play baseball and give their guests a great experience.

Heavy-hitting solutions

  • Personalization of direct mail: XMPie technology allowed mailer photos to delight fans, showing each recipient’s own name on the back of a Mets jersey.
  • Redesigned game notes: optimized the process of providing crucial information to the media—introducing color, streamlining data presentation and reducing costs.
  • Greener communications: supports the Mets’ commitment to environmental sensitivity—scanning and e-mailing the team’s "Plan of the Day" to hundreds of our front-office staff reduces paper consumption and speeds game-day preparation.
  • Enhanced dining experience: Xerox® solutions support more efficient tracking of inventory, printing of menus and labels, and delivery of fresh, delicious ingredients to concessions and restaurants.

Mets Fans Thank the Troops Straight from Citi Field

As part of the Mets' "Welcome Home Veterans" program, fans attending home games are able to send messages of thanks to our troops through Xerox's Let's Say Thanks program that allows the public to write personalized messages of support to servicemen and women overseas. The first 100 people at each game throughout the season will be able to select a Let’s Say Thanks postcard design of their choice, write a message and drop it in the kiosk. The cards will then be packaged up and sent to Give2TheTroops to be included in welcome home bags for returning troops and care packages for those serving abroad.

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