Xerox and the 2012 Olympic Games

We have been making preparations to ensure we support our customers during the exciting summer this year as a result of the UK hosting the Olympics. The Olympic and Paralympic Games ("the Games") will be held in London and other venues around the country in July, August and September.

We have undertaken an extensive review of our operations in order to assess and address the likely impact of the Games on our ability to deliver our usual level of customer service.

We will seek to maintain our usual level of service and honour service level agreements throughout the period of the Games.


When are the Olympic and Paralympic Games?
What steps has Xerox taken to identify the potential implications for your on-site service delivery during the Olympic and Paralympic Games?
What measures are you taking to ensure that there is an adequate level of staffing at your offices or other places of work such as customer premises? And to ensure that staff will be available to work during normal working hours?
Do you plan any changes to operations in order to meet agreed service levels?
How to avoid disruption to delivery services of Xerox Office Supplies (Paper and Supplies)?
Who do I contact if I have an issue with my Xerox service during the period of the Games?
Where can I find out further information about the Games and their impact on businesses?