Xerox Customer Engagement Center: The Gil Hatch Center

Gil Hatch Center for Customer Innovation

Our customer engagement facility is the world’s largest permanent showcase of digital products for the graphic communications and enterprise printing markets.

What does the Gil Hatch Center offer?

The center enables customers and prospective customers worldwide to have a total Xerox experience by providing them access to the entire Xerox portfolio of digital technology and solutions in one setting. Because of its location on the Xerox campus in Webster, NY, visitors can interact with a variety of subject matter experts in product research and development, engineering, manufacturing and marketing.

Who should visit?

The center opened on March 8, 2005, and has hosted thousands of customers from around the world from the Graphic Communications industry and enterprise businesses. The center represents Xerox’s continuing commitment to this community of industries and businesses we serve. Here, customers will interact with today’s digital technologies and imagine the innovative possibilities emerging for tomorrow.

What can you expect from a visit?

Customers can attend an Executive Communication Exchange (ECE), where they can have a unique agenda designed to meet their specific requirements. Subject matter experts lead discussions on various challenges and opportunities affecting the customers’ business. The center is also used to host workshops on a variety of topics focusing on our customers’ objectives: growing their business, producing more jobs, reducing costs and delighting their customers. These workshops include industry experts, as well as an opportunity to see the technology and workflow associated with specific applications. For more information on these events and others hosted at the Gil Hatch Center please contact us.

Who is Gil Hatch?

Gil Hatch, the former president of Xerox’s Production Systems Group and Office Group, was a true customer champion – someone who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of Xerox and our customers. Gil believed that “everything we do begins and ends with the customer.” He was a leader in the graphic communications field and helped propel Xerox to the forefront of the digital printing industry. Xerox is proud to continue Gil’s legacy by making his vision a reality and recognizing his efforts.