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Ursula M. Burns
Age: 55   Director since: 2007
Occupation: Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Xerox Corporation
Education: BS, Polytechnic Institute of New York; MS, Columbia University
Other Directorships: American Express Corporation (since 2004); Exxon Mobil Corporation (since 2012); Boston Scientific Corporation (2002-2009)
Other Background: Joined Xerox in 1980 and subsequently advanced through several engineering and management positions. Named Vice President and General Manager, Departmental Business Unit in 1997; Vice President, Worldwide Manufacturing in 1999; Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategic Services in 2000; Senior Vice President, President, Document Systems and Solutions Group in 2001; and Senior Vice President, President, Business Group Operations in 2002. Elected President and Director in April 2007; Chief Executive Officer in July 2009; and Chairman of the Board in May 2010.

Ms. Burns brings to the Board expertise relevant to a large public company, including her expertise in global business and technology; extensive operating and management experience at Xerox, a technology-driven global manufacturing and business services company, including currently serving as CEO; and deep understanding of Xerox's people and products that she has acquired in over 30 years of service at Xerox. She also possesses a broad range of experience and skills garnered from the various other leadership positions she has held at Xerox and from her service on other public company boards and committees.