Documentos de segurança e informações compatíveis

As Folhas de Dados de Segurança do Material Xerox (MSDSs) contêm informações sobre o uso, o armazenamento e o descarte seguros de consumíveis e suprimentos. As Folhas de Dados de Segurança do Produto (PSDSs) relacionam os fatores mecânicos, elétricos e ambientais de nossas máquina. Os documentos de Conformidade/Certificação mostram nossa conformidade com os padrões reguladores e voluntários, incluindo as Diretrizes de Fabricação da CE Europeia.

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  • Data sheets are provided in PDF format. In order to view PDF files, you must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at this site: download Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • 9-digit Supply Reorder Numbers may need to have excess 0’s removed before searching (e.g. 006R00123 should be entered as 6R123; remove 0’s before the first digit and after the “R”).
  • The item may be considered an "Article" and does not require an MSDS. The categories that apply to an “Article” include: some cartridges and photoreceptors, staples, typewriter ribbon, correction ribbon, binder tape and paper products.
  • Xerox® toners, developers, solid inks, and photoreceptors are not WHMIS-controlled products. Some service materials may be WHMIS controlled. See section 15 of a 16-section MSDS or at the beginning of a section-10 MSDS for verification.

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