A world made simpler...by Xerox

A world made simpler...by Xerox

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The one thing that’s predictable about business is that it’s fundamentally unpredictable. It’s disordered and constantly changing – sometimes by accident, sometimes by design. One thing successful businesses do to navigate through this unpredictability is make sure the technology, software and work processes that form the backbone of their organizations are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

No one understands this better than Xerox. We are the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management. Our technologies, expertise and services enable your business to operate more efficiently and effectively, whatever the situation.

With Xerox at the heart of your company, you're ready to take on the world of real business.

Our Commitments
We firmly believe in the need to behave responsibly as a good corporate citizen in the communities and countries in which we operate. There are two broad reasons for that – a belief that good citizenship is the right way to behave and an equally important belief that behaving the right way is a good thing for our business.
From the invention of xerography to our acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS), we make bold moves that change the business landscape and free up your resources so you can focus on what truly matters: your real business.
Company Information

Headquartered in Norwalk, CT, and with 140,000 employees in 180 countries, we’re never far from your business. As a company approaching $22 billion, we are the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management. We provide true end-to-end solutions, from back-office support to the printed page, to help you operate your business and manage information.

Developing Markets Operations
Developing Markets Operations (DMO) is focused on Xerox’s growth opportunities in emerging markets and countries around the world, including Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, the Eurasian countries, India and Russia. Through operating companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures, affiliates, concessionaires, distributors, resellers and dealers in more than 140 countries, DMO is responsible for marketing, direct sales, distribution programs and service operations for the full line of Xerox products, supplies and services. The same cultural, business and ethical values that are the foundation of the strong global reputation and recognition of the Xerox brand also guide DMO.

Middle East and Africa (MEA)
Established in 1987, MEA is responsible for developing the Xerox business in more than 60 countries across Africa and the Middle East through a combination of wholly owned operating companies as in Egypt, joint-equity ventures (as in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) and partnerships with local distributors. Headquartered in the UK, MEA is run through three regional hubs in Dubai, UAE; Casablanca, Morocco; and Johannesburg, South Africa.

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