Office Printers

Select the Xerox office printer to see detailed Section 508 product compliance information.

Color Printers
ProductCompliance Status
ColorQube™ 8580Compliant
ColorQube™ 8880Compliant
Phaser™ 6500Compliant
Phaser™ 6600Compliant
Phaser™ 6700Compliant
Phaser™ 7100Compliant with minor exceptions
Phaser™ 7500Compliant with minor exceptions
Phaser™ 7800Compliant

Black and White Printers
ProductCompliance Status
Phaser™ 3260Compliant
Phaser™ 3320Compliant
Phaser™ 3610Compliant
Phaser™ 4622Compliant
Phaser™ 5550Compliant