Xerox and Section 508: Designing for Accessibility

Award-winning Xerox Copier Assistant™ software sets the standard in accessibility for wheelchair users and visually impaired customers. Developed with input from The Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ABVI/Goodwill), Copier Assistant uses a standard PC workstation, text-to-speech software and keyboard input to provide the broadest range of freely accessible and easy to use copy features available today. When used in conjunction with Copier Assistant software, Xerox believes that the 38 Document Centre™, CopyCentre™, WorkCentre™, and WorkCentre Pro™ models are the most Section 508-compliant copiers/printers in their class.*

To meet the requirements of Section 508, Xerox evaluates its products against the Section 508 rules using the Voluntary Product Assessment Template (VPAT). The VPAT provides detailed information on accessibility for each product. Select a product category in the sidebar to view compliance by product. To understand how Xerox assessed its products, see "About the Xerox Section 508 Assessment Process."
Visual of two Xerox CopyCentre products with Copier Assistant software
Xerox Copier Assistant software continues our proud tradition of offering accessible solutions for more than 20 years. Our mission is to become the vendor of choice for customers seeking accessible solutions, and to offer the most compliant hardware and software solutions for your document processing needs.

In addition to the award-winning Xerox Copier Assistant, Xerox provides additional accessories for people with disabilities; for example:

  • Braille enablement — Pressure sensitive labels allow Braille to be added to almost any copier control console.
  • Angled console — This kit, which is currently available for a number of models, inclines the copier console, allowing wheelchair users to view and reach the controls.
  • Footswitch — An electrically operated switch, which is available on many models, can be used to actuate the "Start Print" button.
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Contact Xerox for more information about our efforts to meet Section 508 Accessibility requirements.

* Currently, no other manufacturer of digital copiers provides an alternative to the touchscreen user interface for walk-up copy jobs on so many models.