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Premium NeverTear - Strength and durability without the use of lamination


Does Premium NeverTear fade when used outside?
Yellowing of the product can be noted when the product is exposed to UV. Usually only noticed after 1 month of exposure, following this there is only a slight increase in yellowing. The degree of yellowing is not deep and is only realised when comparing directly against non-aged material.

Will the print quality fade when used outside?
Noticeable shifts in colours will occur in outdoors in full sunlight after 10 weeks. However when compared to prints from other digital printers using differing printing processes Xerox toners come out very favourably.

In all these cases, the effect of light on colour shift or fading can be mitigated by lamination with an UV absorbing plastic.

Will Premium NeverTear run through my printer?
Consult the Recommended Media Lists on xerox.com/supplies or consult your local Supplies representative.