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Premium NeverTear - Strength and durability without the use of lamination

Environmental Information

Premium NeverTear manufacturing process waste is recycled

Premium NeverTear does not contain chlorine or other halogens

Premium NeverTear does not contain CFCs

Premium NeverTear is compliant with Toy Regulations EN71 Part 3. 1995


Premium NeverTear films have special aqueous surface coatings designed to optimise their print performance in Xerox digital equipment and as such cannot be recycled as PET.

Premium NeverTear would come under category 7 i.e. other plastics. This means it can be ground down and reused as a filler for items such as concrete.

In addition Premium NeverTear can be incinerated safely (according to local regulations) and therefore is a potential source of energy.

They are relatively inert and as such benign to the environment after disposal.

As an inert material it can be buried in approved landfill facilities.