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Premium NeverTear - Strength and durability without the use of lamination

Printer Compatibility

The qualification process carried out by Xerox involves running the product under control conditions and in large quantities. Products are tested for such attributes as toner bonding, image quality, and runnability.

Products which pass this rigorous testing process for particular printers are deemed to be ‘qualified’ by Xerox. Qualified products will appear on the Recommended Media Lists on xerox.com/supplies. Machine settings are documented here, also.

Optimum results for any media are achieved according to:

  • The condition of the machine and the environment
  • The experience of the operator
  • The condition of the media
  • The volumes being run
  • The design of the artwork

Premium NeverTear has not been tested on any non Xerox machines. However, this media is heat stabilised and the coatings optimised for laser digital printing processes and so the risk associated with running the media is minimal.

Here are some suggestions for trying the media:

  • Begin by running one sheet at a time
  • Use the appropriate media settings as suggested by the machine user guide
  • Run through the bypass or manual feed tray
  • Run in simplex mode
  • Try the 120 or 145µ thicknesses first
  • If the fusing is poor run some paper to clean the fuser
  • It is not appropriate for Solid Ink or Inkjet printers

For further assistance ot technical advice contact your local Supplies representative.